Tuba Seminar – Trends in the packaging industry

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Urska-Susnik-PivkLajovic Tuba embalaža, d.o.o. (TUBA) presented the WHEYLAYER2 project on September 12, 2013 at the 4th seminar on packaging (Trends in the packaging industry – from cost optimization to the use of sustainable materials and intelligent packaging) organized by Zelena Slovenija®. The seminar was held in Celje.

Some novelties and trends in the packaging industry were presented at the seminar as well as major international projects involving Slovenian companies and specialist research institutions. The seminar also revealed many aspects of the cost optimization in the packaging manufacture. Seminar brought together industry: packaging producers and users. The seminar addressed variety of companies from manufacture and service sector, environmentalists (including NGOs), educational and research institutions, companies dealing with waste management etc. –  all those who are aware of the urgent innovations in sustainable packaging production.

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