PCS exhibits at PLAGKEM and presents WHEYLAYER2 project

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Slovenian Plasttechnics Cluster (PCS) presented the WHEYLAYER2 project at the 10th edition of the “PLAGKEM” fair, held in Celje, Slovenia from 16th to 19th April 2013. This is an international fair of plastics, rubber and chemistry. It was visited by more than 10 thousand visitors, who came also from countries of Southern Balkans and the European Union. Most visitors were from professional area and they were satisfied with the event. Other 50 exhibitors from several European countries presented their technologies and products.

Exhibition programme included:

  • synthetic masses; semi-manufactures and products, special multipurpose products; products reinforced with fibers and metals,
  • crude rubber and rubber; semi-manufactures and products, special multipurpose products, products in combination with metals, products from foam rubber,
  • chemistry; semi-manufactures and products in the chemical, pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical, food, leather, cellulose, metallurgical and energetic process industry,
  • equipment and tools manufacturing, projecting, automatization and process monitoring and control in the production of synthetic masses, rubber, crude rubber and chemistry,
  • production of synthetic masses, crude rubber and chemistry – reprocessing and recycling,
  • ecology – clean environment in the production of synthetic masses, rubber, crude rubber and chemistry,
  • smelting plants

Project WHEYLAYER2 (FP7 315743) that was presented with a brochure raised high interested among visitors, who expressed desire to check sample materials. Those visitors were advised to visit project’s web site for more details.

PCS presented on a booth their business activities and their running research and development projects with brochures, posters and sample products; as well as products of some of their industrial members.

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