Wheylayer2 project at the University of Maribor

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On the 9th of April 2013, the Wheylayer2 project was presented at the University of Maribor by the project coordinator Urška Sušnik Pivk, from Lajovic Tuba company.

Students of Economics and Business attended this presentation about the Wheylayer2 Demonstration Activity project as the follow-on phase from the very successful Wheylayer project that developed a biopolymer-coating based on whey protein for plastic films, from November 2008 to October 2011.

Wheylayer2 is focused on finalizing the industrialization steps prior to the commercialization of the developed whey protein coating for plastic films that could replace currently used expensive synthetic oxygen barrier layers and greatly improve the packaging sustainability.

Wheylayer2 UniversitySpeech

Ms. Urška Sušnik Pivk, from Lajovic Tuba company


Wl2 univ.maribor

Coordinated by Tuba, Wheylayer2 project is participated by 10 partners from 5 European countries.

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