WHEYLAYER 2 at the International PLASTICE Conference

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‘Trends in Bioplastic’ will feature WHEYLAYER 2, aimed at up-scaling the sustainable biopolymer

September 2012.– The upcoming International Plastice Conference that will be held in Slovenia, 17-18 September, will feature the WHEYLAYER 2 project, as a sustainable packaging solution for food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Trends in bioplastics is the second edition of the conference organized under the framework of the PLASTiCE project- “Innovative value chain development for Sustainable plastics in Central Europe”. After its successful launch a year ago in Bologna, the 2012 edition of the conference will focus on the important drivers for the application of bioplastics in different fields.

The WHEYLAYER 2 coordinator Urška Sušnik Pivk, from LAJOVIC TUBA Embalaža, and the WHEYLAYER2 technical responsible Dr. Elodie Bugnicourt, from IRIS Research&Development, will illustrate their talk with the 2-year project, which is the follow on phase of Wheylayer, aimed at developing a biopolymer-coating based on whey protein for plastic films able to replace currently used expensive synthetic oxygen barrier.

PLASTiCE’s programme will centre on the issues of bioplastics use and the potential for these novel materials to be used in a whole host of applications for improving their environmental balance. Participants will have the chance to gain insights into: the technical, environmental, economic and societal importance of bioplastics for today and for our future; their strengths and limitations; how bioplastics are already being used in numerous different applications (packaging, medical-hygiene, catering); how we can benefit from using them more widely; and, the challenges faced by the industry in terms of waste management.

The PLASTiCE Conference will hold stage to a large number of distinguished experts. In addition to Urška Sušnik and Dr. Bugnicourt, the following experts will attend the two-day event: Piet J. Lemstra, Technical University Eindhoven; Roland Scharathow, European Bioplastics; Clemens Holzer, University Leoben; Ulf Kueper, BASF; Miriam Sahl, DIN Certco; Hanna Zakowska, COBRO; Mariastella Scandola, University of Bologna; Ivan Chodak, Polymer Institute of Slovak Academy of Sciences; Liliana Chamudis, AIMPLAS; Stanislav Haftka, Metabolix; and Markus Schmid, Fraunhofer IVV.

Plastice Project will upload videos of the conferences by its distinguished experts on its YouTube channel.

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